Monday, May 16, 2016

Mr. X and So Charming by Yeliz @ The Instruments - New Skin By October Joanique

I told Mr. X that I can't wait till the flings of spring turn into a full fledged summer fling... long warm nights... hot sultry days... summer is the perfect time to wear bold bright colors they pair especially well with a sun kissed skin like this new skin by October 4 Seasons called Joanique in Mocha.

I love the flirty new mini skirt and midriff top created by YELIZ ------ it is right on target with the latest off the shoulder RL fashion trends.  Mr. X loves it when I show off my sexy shoulder... he says they are kissable....!

Best of all this comes with a lavish color changing  hud that offers bright colors  both solid and cute print patterns... it is great fun to mix and match... I could spend hours doing just that.

The mini skirt has a wide belt with hooks and a series of three sets of ruffles that add just the right about of flounce...making this outfit as breezy as a warm summer night wind.  The skirt and belt have a separate hud allowing you to change each layer of ruffles separately, the belt and the hooks!  This outfit is like having so many in just a few clicks!

Wearing - The Instruments Exclusive
Yeliz - So Charming

Skin * new*  - October 4 Seasons - Joanique - Mocha

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