Monday, May 2, 2016

Mr. X and Maya of Moonlight Hollow New TWA & MFGC

I am alone in the mist...  and moonlight... midnight  ----and in my mind I hear the voice of Mr. X... be safe my Princess  in the mist... I remember when his lips floated against mine... and when my hands crept around his back and shyly slid down. The result was neither slight nor subtle...

I always tell Mr. X I am a Fairy Godmother.... he laughs and  kisses me  on the cheek --and says, yes -- Sita  yes.  Late at night, I hear a knock on my door -- it is midnight... I raise my head off the pillow and say, come in my Mr. Postman....I am served a letter on a silver platter... it says... " Come soon... I miss you in these difficult days,  My eyes  flew over his  sentences -- and then, I clutch his letter to me.. and think of....melting  wax on candles.. that never extinguish

I love Mr. X... he is  and yes, his voice began with a note of kiss demanded  to tell me what the problem was -- he asked if I was his... and the answer is yes, and yes again... and we are still  just one...  and yes, the candles are  lit in the darkest of night.... I await Mr.  X.... can he resist?


 Gown -  TWA -  Moonlight Hollow New  TWA

Earrings and  Pendant - Seraph Dark

Bracelets - Muse - Perputua

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  Captiva - Lily

Necklace and Earrings
!Musa! Seraph - Dark


Hair - New - D!va  - Jasmine