Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mr. X and Aisha @ Fashion Dazzle I.M. Collection

 Mr. X...  I feel the wind  blow thru my hair..... and  I want to go to a place that captivates and takes you --- so far from the ordinary.... lets book a ticket... we both know we have a reservation in a handbasket (tsk. tsk.)  In planning I like to be casually elegant ---  and I am wearing a new find by I.M. Collection called Aisha that is an exclusive at Fashion Dazzle.

Mr. X loves the interplay of patterns....  the blouse is a dance of diamonds and the pants are  textured in a herringbone that is traditionally distinguished from a plain chevron by the break at reversal, which makes it resemble a broken zigzag.. It's easy and elegant... Aisha doesn't try to much... it just is... no matter where you are -- party ---  get together or  boarding for your next flight.... oh Yes!

A fabulous drop necklace is also  sold separately with Aisha in the four matching colors that this outfit comes in. Mr. X thinks that the drop pearls and silver choker finish this look that is clearly stunning.   Aisha is made for fit mesh, belleza, slink & maitreya bodies.  Matching  classic heels for slink, maitreya and belleza also available.

Wearing Fashion Dazzle Exclusives LM

Outfit -  I.M. Collection - Aisha

Skin - Jumo - Honey

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