Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cozy with Mr. X Dreamland Designs and Glitter @ Swank & Emo-tions

I love autumn when the days are cool and the air is crisp and the landscape is gold, orange, rust, red and brown.  It is the time of year when thick down filled quilts come out and you double check the wood pile for logs to light to brighten up the cold clear nights.

I love this new bedroom set by Dreamland Designs called Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed (17 prims).  The colors of the bedding remind me of the splendid colors of autumn.  This is a low prim rustic styled bed with a weathered wooden headboard that is embellished by an artful wrought iron design.

The bed has couples, single and solo poses, it is adult and pg.  The set also comes with a sienna colored rug, side tables (7 prims each/copy), flowers, books and lights that you can turn on and off. Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed  is an exclusive @ Swank.

Glitter's exclusive at Swank is cozy and sexy at the same time.  Glitter is offering a Fitmesh Puffer Jacket  for mesh bodies: Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) and Slink (Physique and Hourglass) and Appliers for top for: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, eBody & Omega. It has a luscious Burberry fleece lining that is sure to keep you warm!

Glitter is also offering really  cool, highly detailed matching Cargo Pants that are made for: Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya), Slink (Physique and Hourglass), TMP, eBODY, Tonic (Fine and Curvy) and Ocacin mesh bodies.

Two other items offered separately at Swank by Dreamland Designs is the throw pillows with an adorable Corgi Dog snoozing on top. A final find is the  Decayed Victorian Buffet (7 Prims) that comes with a beautiful autumn scene oil painting (2 prims) that you can make larger or smaller and a lovely pitcher with sunflowers (1 prim).

Wearing- Glitter - Fitmesh Puffer Jacket  and Cargo Pants - Fondant

Room Set - Dreamland Designs -Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed

Dog- Dreamland Designs - Corgi Dog on throw pillows

Dreamland Designs - Decayed Victorian Buffet

Hair - Emo-tions - Blown Away - Browns

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