Monday, November 27, 2017

Mr. X and Angelina - *New* Jumo

I told Mr. X I was in the mood for something terribly romantic with a bit of an edge to it!  And, then I found Angelina... with its boho like silk patchwork gown that is sassy and elegant at the same time. Mr. X told me he loves the colors in this gown that sparkles because it reminds him of ribbon candy... oh la la!

Angelina comes with a great leather jacket with gold snap buttons and zippered pockets that give this gown an edgy chic look that makes this look "party" ready!

Angelina also comes with a beautiful gold necklace made of big gold disks. It has a tribal  feel to it that can be worn with casual and formal looks alike.

Wearing -  *New* - Angelina by Jumo

Hair - shi

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