Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mr. X @ the beach.... Swank CH, Pink Magic, L.A. BoS

Nothing says summer like the beach...and Pink Magic has made a darling beach scene skybox called Beach Skybox with 33 animations that is an exclusive @ Swank. I love the fact that it comes with a "love" shack, a hammock, fire, and waves. It is easy to rezz with a box... clean and build.

This beach skybox even has a rustic table and two wooden benches and a table ladened with fruit!  I love the cute turtle bubble, sold separately by Pink Magic that has an entire world inside the shell... it is amazing and oh so cute! Pink Magic is also offering a cute Tropical Camp with 31 aos for couples.

Sometimes a one piece bathing suit is more flattering than a two piece because of the lines  the fabric draws on your body... I love this bathing suit called Malaga by Ch's another exclusive at swank.  Check out how the top of this suit has a deep V cut that melt into sexy rings at my hips -- even the keychain cut of the top is uber sexy...

And, what does Mr. X say?  "OMG I cannot imagine the tan lines...."   As I looked at him and replied... "Mr. X, what tan lines?"  (Please ignore rezz box!!!)

Skybox - Pink Magic - Beach Skybox - couples
Turtle Bubble Deco - Pink Magic
Worn - Ch's - Malaga
Poses - L.A. BoS - Beach Poses

Hair Jumo - Tyra

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