Monday, July 24, 2017

Mr. X and Surya - *New* Jumo

Standing by a brass lamp on the cobblestone street, I wait for dusk to roll in and watch a light fog rise from the water. It is so beautiful here and so peaceful...thoughts follow thoughts like the moon follows the sun .... and I wonder, how the universe dances to the tune of  whirling stars that are light years away.  Their warm gentle glow reminds me of the light in Mr. X's eyes... just as the sun dips into the horizon.

I love the new mesh gown called Surya made by Jumo, it is so elegant. Surya is made for classic, maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies that comes with a color changing hud featuring a 25 color changing hud consisting of solid and pattern options.

 I love the elegant empire waist of this gown accented by a beautiful gold belt and the sheer drop sleeves that are embellished by lace and gold cuffs. I love wearing sleek silk gowns that are beautifully textured... and with Surya, there are so many patterns and colors to choose from that is it hard to decide which one to wear!

I love the fact that Surya comes with a beautiful  gold and pearl  moon and sun earrings that you will want to wear with many outfits.  Surya also has a clutch earrings and shoes that have a color changing hud making it a snap to wear this stylish gown.

Wearing Jumo - Gown, Earrings, Necklace and Shoes - Surya

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