Friday, July 21, 2017

Mr. X - Reborn Virtual Diva and Luminesse @ Swank & Jumo

Mr. X confided, he loves big, bold lavish flowers on sleek gowns... Virtual  Diva Designs has created just that -- Reborn --- and better yet, this gown is an exclusive @ Swank... I feel like a modern Gauguin painting in motion... and Mr. X  tells me I steam him up... like the  tropics... I like that thought!

Can't you just  feel it ... a steaming hot journey... the jungle of life... wildflowers in bloom -- you will find your way... and even have time for tea and scones  --- in this sleek silk gown made for Maitreya bodies --- and you will enjoy it!

This gorgeous gown, Reborn also comes with an amazing head piece...  a lily flower with flowing jungle vines... it is exotic... and beautiful ---  and as unique as you are....


Swank Exclusives
Event  LM -

Gown and Headpiece -  Virtual Diva  - Reborn
Necklace - Luminesse - Kojah

Hair - Jumo - Amanda - Red

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