Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mr. X and the Chrysanthmums - The Empress by Jumo & New Skin October 4 Seasons

Mr. X told me the new collection by Jumo for Solaris AW 15 Fashion Week, were inspired by the tales and legends of Japan.  Jumo has created a series of 5 opulent gowns -- and each gown has a story to tell. 
The Empress is a beautifully textured sparkling sequins gown with an ornate gold collar that is studded with flowers.  It comes with  an artful matching gold headpiece with a floral design. Two elegant floral bracelets that gracefully wind up your arms completes the look of this sumptuous gown. 

The skin is October 4 Season's New Skin J'adore in Blossom that comes with 6 evocative make-ups, a natural version and is compatible with many appliers. This skin is radiant and is perfect with blonde or light reddish hair.  The lips range in a natural palette and includes several lovely pink and blush shades... the eyeshadow is just right adding the right amount of detail making this skin just perfect for any time of day... or night.

This dress, the Empress, relates to the story of the White Lady and the Yellow Lady.  There were white and yellow chrysanthemums growing in a field, and one day a gardener came and offered to take the yellow chrysanthemum home because it was the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. As he tended to it, the yellow chrysanthemum grew even more beautiful each day.
One day, a man came by and asked the gardener for a  flower to put on his Lord's crest.  The gardener showed him the yellow chrysanthemum, but the man said it was too stylish, he wanted something simple, so the gardener showed him the white chrysanthemum, which was chosen for the crest. As the white flower was painted and added to the crest and tended to, the yellow flower grew limp and died.

Event LM

Gown, Headpiece and Jewelry *new* - Jumo - The Empress

Skin - October 4 Seasons *new*  J'adore - Blossom

Hair - Tukinowaguma -Shinobun

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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