Monday, October 12, 2015

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Halloween Party & Fright Night by Ghee

If you are not planning to have a Halloween Party this year, after you see this new creation called "Halloween Party" by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... you will start planning your guest list because the goodies and decor are all taken care of.
Mr. X and I have so much fun with everything Aphrodite at Heart Homes makes... this set comes complete with two bewitching tables and spooktacular balloons... and lots of "interactive" food for you and your guests.   None of the items are linked, once you rezz them you can place them in your home or in your venue any way you like. And, best of all, since they are copy you can also set up multiple tables, food, drinks and balloons.
Mr. X and I took a fancy to the witch's fingers centerpiece, I mean, really, who can resist that!   Your guests can choose from many  items such as: "Mummy Pops" - a holiday favorite, Banana Ghost for fruit lovers, Monster Cookies for big eaters (!), Mummy Sodas, Puff Pastry Intestines for meat eaters, deviled eyeballs and my favorite, Black Cat Cookies!
I am wearing a new release by Ghee called "Fright Night" that is available at the main store for just 25 L -- it is made of the sleekest red silk embellished with a black outline and has a "devilish" symbol emblazed on the front of the gown.

Table and Goodies - *New* Halloween Exclusive - Aphrodite at Heart Homes - "Halloween Party"

Gown - *New* 25L Exclusive - Ghee - Fright Night

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Queen of Hearts - White Dahila

Jewelry - Violator - DownCross- Unisex - Platinum

Eye make - up - Madrid Solo - Tentacles

Hair - Nikita - Gothic III

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