Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mr. X and The Instruments... the Evils.....Coquette

This round at the Instruments is festive for Halloween with the theme "the evils" and it is great fun to see what the talented designers have created for our Halloween fun!  This round featuring 28 designers runs through November 28.  I fell in love with the mask by Coquette called Darkness Reigns.  The leather like texture of the mask and details right down to the jeweled cross that hangs for the horn of this mask is excellent.

I am wearing TWA's new Fiona of Ferndale, Elven tunic making me bit of a dark mysterious elf or djinn as Mr. X likes to call me!  This outfit inspires me to go cavorting through the forest, singing songs that only those that really know how to listen can hear... like the siren's call... tantalizing!

So Mr. X.... it is time to play hide and seek... catch me if you can... or should I say, if you dare!


Exclusive at The Instruments through November 5
Mask - Coquette - Darkness Reigns

Outfit - TWA - *new* Fiona of Ferndale, Elven tunic - blue

Skin - *new* - October 4 Seasons - J'Adore - Blossom

Hair - no match no trouble blonde


  1. OOOO...Wonderful!!!!!! TY sweety!!!!!!! :-D ♥♥

  2. I love it! Thank you so much <3 -- Coquette