Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mr. X and Chakyra - New TWA, Muse & October 4 Seasons

She was a child of the purest morning -- like the brilliant sun peeking above the horizon on a perfect day.  And, she was considered an oracle.  Her deep blue eyes reflect the Nile and all your hopes and dreams.

I turn my face in the direction of the sea, where the lighthouse of my ancestors had been built on the island of Pharos to the east. I can trace my lineage back to Alexander of Macedon.  I remember the night I first saw my beloved regal and tall crossing the corniche.

Later when the river lays heavy on the desert, bright as a spill of molten metal from a furnace, I shall think of him, his body caressed by the sun was the color of oiled cedar wood from the mountains beyond Byblos.
It is the third month of Akhet, and I await the return of my beloved Mr. X.  The wind carries with it the scents of zaatar and myrrh. With each breeze, the long linen curtains dance wrapping themselves around the columns of my palace, just as I wish to be wrapped in the arms of Mr, X....

Gown - TWA - *New* -- Chakyra Gown Mystique

Headpiece - [MUSE] Miss TWA Collection  - *New* -- Bride of Apocalypse - Vintage Please note - this is a sneak peek of this fabulous collection much more is on its way and it comes in a variety of fantastic colors.

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New* - Zulay Marigold

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