Monday, January 19, 2015

Right as Rain - ALL New Sonatta Morales, NSP, Muse and October 4Seasons

The evening yawned. The sky is bruise grey; and it is raining.  I stood long where Mr. X left me. The rain is kissing me, the only way it can, with big liquid silver drops.
The winter rain reverberates and freezes in the courtyard.Mr. X told me he loves the smell of the earth after a soft spring rainfall.  The new dress by Sonatta Morales simply called Rain is like that... fresh and vibrant with it's sleek art deco lines that glimmer like jewels.

The hat by NSP Florals called Madame de Floria is fabulous and comes in both a red and  navy blue leopard print.  The hat is fancifully embellished with feathers, lace and flowers and is sure to dress up any cocktail dress or formal derby attire.
Another new release by Muse, are the Princess Party Heels made for slink high feet.  I love these shoes because of all the thoughtful details -- the ruffles on the edge of the diamond studded heels and the diamond studded bow and the large gemstone at the toe surrounded by more diamonds.  The best news is these shoes come in many colors making them a go-to formal shoe that is just right.
October 4Seasons has introduced a new skin - Jewell in Marigold and it is gorgeous.  This skin is not dark or light, it is just right.   The skin comes with several types of sexy brows - natural, plucked and shaggy, each is distinctive and the detail is pure perfection. The shaggy and natural brows are thicker and sexy with a 50's retro vibe that is all the rage.

The plucked brows have a graceful arch that makes your eyes look bigger and more soulful....the choice is yours of course. The skin also has well toned abs that is beyond inviting, if you know what I mean.  There is even a choice of open or closed lips.  And, Jewell, that little vixen of a skin has a tattoo below the navel that is oh so evocative... just ask Mr. X!

Just to make sure you never ever get bored, October has included a series of 5 different make-ups that are offered with each style of eyebrow making this skin appropriate for endless styling fun.

In the mist of a long winter day,  I dream... thinking back --memories are translucent like the moon in a river.  I  feel the warmth of winter rain as I wait for Mr. X to return.

New- Skin - October 4Season - Jewell

New - Hat - NSP Florals
New - Shoes - Muse - Princess Party
New - Earrings - Muse - Dancing Anemone
New - Dress - Sonatta Morales - Rain
Hair- Sonatta Morales - Alene - black

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