Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mr. X makes a run..... Fresh Styles - Round 13

Mr. X and I made a run for it  before Fresh Styles Round 13 closes and you will too after you see this.... Fell in love with a dress called Saori by YAY  a new designer for me and happy I found her at Fresh Styles -- talk about Geisha Chic.....
I love this sexy sheath styled dress with it's fancy hud that comes with FOUR different texture options... one better than the next and had to pair it with two versions of a Skin called Keiko by October 4Seasons they are  perfect for this vibe and both skin types come with so many options.
 Saori by YAY  is simple and it is stunning... I am really delighted with this hud....makes changing this dress as easy as... chopsticks!

Another great find at Fresh Styles is this fabulous dress by EccentriciXi called Patsy in deep red with an attractive floral inset.  Patsy even comes with matching shoes for slink high feet.  Mr. X loves the retro 50's vibe of this -- a stand out at a sock hop!
I could not resist wearing the artful  garnet necklace wrought in red gold and set with deep garnet earrings created by NSP called Gothmas Dream Weaver in "blood".  This set is available at NSP and also comes with  a crown and arm piece.
Another  new find for me is Posh Pixels -- the dress called "Toxic Candy" is hot no matter which angle you look at it from!  It has a silk leopard inset, a ruffle skirt and spaghetti straps from the front.
From the back, " Toxic Candy" is, well, "eye-candy" for the boys!  Candy comes in blue, green, grey, pink, purple, red (shown), teal and yellow.  Posh Pixels has also created matching fingernails and toes, sold separately in a leopard print.
Red Seduction Booties also made by Posh Pixels completes this very sexy look.  The booties come in all the matching colors and are made for slink high feet. They have super high heels and fancy buckles all the way up the side of the shoe.
So whatever you do, don't miss Fresh Styles and all the designers there -- you won't be sorry!

Fresh Styles:
Fresh Styles Exclusives:
YAY - Saori
EccentriciXi - Patsy
Posh Pixels - Toxic Candy, Toxic nails and Red Seduction Booties

October 4 Seasons --- Keiko - Orchid and Blossom

NSP - Gothmas Dream Weaver

Violator - Whip Chain Platinum and Black

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