Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blowing off Steam - Wicca's Wardrobe New Release

Mr X said one word to me tonight, "steampunk", and I said "ok"! We love the vibe of that wonderful nostalgic world where modern technology is re-imagined with steam and bolts of Victorian England.

In terms of fashion, steampunk is so much fun to wear with it's elaborate mechanics like the new Aylward Hat, Chester Goggles and Grines Arm Piece by Wicca's Wardrobe.

The elaborate Aylward hat with a pressure gauge (not for blood pressure I suspect), bolts, conductors and wires has been made from scratch, they are all originally created and not made from templates...and oh so cool!

The Chester goggles with one timepiece lense, just because, has an old fashion aviator look to them that Mr. X looks so romantic in.... I love the details of these goggles that are unisex.

Wicca has also made a matching arm piece replete with wires and gadgets and buckles.  The Grines arm piece is easy to size and good for... well, as always, I never kiss and tell!  I told Mr. X let's take flight.... 80 Days Around the World..... sounds like a plan, he told me!

Wicca's Wardrobe: Hat, Goggles and Arm Brace in Black (also comes in brown)

Outfit & Boots: Unzipped- Telsa
Shot @ Unzipped

Hair: Asset - Journey - Blonde

Skin: October 4Seasons - Lilia Blossom

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