Friday, January 16, 2015

Mr. X -- the artist -- and Sascha's New Gem

Mr. X sketches me, as  I wander, languidly in his 15th century French Palace.   I am wearing the new gown by Sascha's Designs called Gem in Creme.
Gem is certainly a gown fit for a princess with formal gloves and a hand hud as well as  what I always call "angel" wings that drape gracefully from mid.-arm.
Sascha knows what ladies in SL like -- variety in gowns  and this "gem" delivers with many options.  Gem comes with three skirt and side skirt styles as well as a sleek skirt and a formal train.
Gem has three different tops, all are embellished with a classic gold  embroidery.  Tops include one with a sweetheart neckline and the other two tops have an added sheer silk neckline, one is plain the other has straps.

Just released by Sascha Designs is Eye make - up called Eyebrow Decorations that come in gold, black, bronze and silver.  They add an additional touch of elegance to this versatile gown.

Sascha Designs
Gown: Gem -Creme
Eyebrows: Eyebrow Decorations in Silver

Skin: October 4Seasons - Lalia Blossom
Eyeshadow: October 4Season - Diva - Oasis
Lipstick: October 4Seasons - Glamour II - Berries and Creme

Hair: Emo-tions - Yeriak - Snow

Jewlery: Finesmith - MVW - Pearls

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