Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monaco & Mr. X new release and gift- Styles by Danielle & Violator

Monaco, home to the glittering  Monte Carlo Casino and Grand Prix racing, Styles by Danielle's elegant pants set is appropriately called Monaco and perfect when  paired with Violator's Neck Whip Collar, it is  fabulous.  And never forget for RL, Violator's RL Brand of Jewelry.

Mr. X told me I look ravishing and he can't wait to  explore Monaco with me, maybe I will be  his "lucky charm" !  Shall he roll the dice?

 I love the Monaco top in green as it is matched with a silk the color of skin.  This is so easy to dress up as I did here wearing an updo and the Morning Star Jewelry Set by Finesmith.
Monaco comes as a top and as pants separately. The strapless top has a lace layer over a solid silk background with a hint of the same embroidery on the belt and legs of the slacks.
Monaco comes in black, blue, red, green, sand, pink, alice blue and ivory.  Danielle, always clever allows you to buy this individually or if you prefer the color changing hud then the Majestic option is for you.
Group members get 30% discount and the January group gift is the Monaco top in red.  So Mr. X I am like Juliet waiting for you, Mr. X,  on this gorgeous balcony......  wherefore art thou......

Wearing: Styles by Danielle - Monaco - Majestic
Necklace: Gothic Madame in Black

Violator - Whip Chain Collar - red

Skin: October 4Seasons - Lalia Blossom
Eye Shadow - Diva - Golden Apple and Doobie

Nails- ghee -- fall matte and scarlett
(my go to nails)

Necklace: Morning Star - Finesmith

Hair - Emo-tions

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