Monday, January 12, 2015

Busy as a Bee Mr. X - new release: ghee

Oh Mr. X, I have the winter doldrums and it is only January!  Mr. X, a simply amazing man, left me a box from ghee... "My  darling Sita, here is something in lemon and cherry sure to cheer you up!"
Mr. X left me  the new release called "Rose Puffball Frock Lemon Cherry" by ghee, (note the busy bee's in this photo) - ghee is busy always making great new designs. This whimsical satin bubble hem puffball cocktail dress in rich lemon and cherry ombre tones will definitely cheer you up too.  This is a sneak peek exclusive as well.
Bubble skirts were first popular at cocktail parties in the 1950's. Yves St. Laurent designed a puffball skirt under his apprenticeship with Christian Dior.  The skirt is folded under at the hem and sewn to the lining gathering the fabric and creating a "puffed" effect.  
This dress also comes with a fabulous  rose hat and veil that is beautifully textured and embellished with artful side florals on both sides.  The hat adds a touch of mystery to this totally elegant look that is as sexy today as it was in the 50's.  So Mr. X.... let's be like bee's and "buzz" around the grid!

ghee - Rose Puffball Frock Lemon Cherry
Nail polish - ghee - fall matte

Skin: October 4Seasons - Lalia Latte
Lipstick - Strawberry - October 4Seasons

Hair - Bliss

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