Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas for Mr. X - Heart Homes and Zed Sensations - New Releases

Valentines Day is Around the corner and Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made a series of Gazebos that are romantic, fun and low prim.  Buy each individually or as a series of three romantic rooms reached by flower festooned romantic bridges loaded with animations for couples and singles from dancing and cuddles to sitting and dining. This comes with a handy rezzer that allows you to place the build perfectly.  Nothing is linked so you can pick and choose what you want to keep.  Here is the utube video A Cosmopolitan Exclusive

The Piano Gazebo is really romantic especially for music lovers, and lovers in general.  There are couple and solo poses for singing, sitting and playing. There are also a series of PG cuddles that are so sweet and a dance AO.

 If you click the song book on the piano, you will get a list of songs it will play.

The Cafe Gazebo is pure romance with a long bridge festooned with flowers.  This is just a gorgeous build at only 20 prims that is loaded with animations.  You can propose and kiss and dance on the bridge and then relax and chat over coffee.

I love the sweets and coffee on the table as well as the single and couple pose options.  You can even eat and drink together and can rezz coffee and sweets.  The detail is perfect right down to the heart shaped cookies.  I have my eye on that one Mr. X!

The Bridges leading to the Gazebo is animated and offers snuggles, dances and even a wedding proposal AO with a ring!  As for the flowers, click them for a menu and texture change.  I am wearing the gorgeous new release for Valentine's Day by Zed Sensations called MisJolie I love the lace trimmed sides that show off my curves and the scoop neckline.

The see through back of MisJolie is as sexy as the front of this dress.  The three gazebos sold individually come with animated, flower strewn bridges with working lights that lead to the themed room - with a piano, cafe table or fireplace and sitting room.

The Relaxing Gazebo has a romantic fireplace that you can control as well as a bottle of champagne on a fur rug.  This option also comes loaded with couples and single animations for romantic and casual fun.

Aphrodite at Heart Homes
Valentine Combo Gazebo
Valentine Gazebo with Cafe Set
Valentine Gazebo with romantic piano
Valentine Gazebo relaxing hang out



Dress: Zed Sensations - MisJolie in red

Shoes: Muse - Princess High heel shoes in White with diamonds

Skin: Ocotover 4Seasons - Laila Blossom

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