Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mr. X and Incanto - New Fellini

Sparkling floral embroideries embellishes this cute jacket and short suit outfit called Incanto that is new by Fellini Couture.  The glamorous beaded floral pattern along the shoulders and sleeves takes on a starring role that will make you shine like the sun in any venue.  This new outfit is an exclusive @ Sense Event.

The beautiful silken sheen of Incanto makes it easy to dress up or down.  The mini-shorts drape more like a skirt than a pair of shorts and have a touch of glitz with sequins mixed into their center setting off the applique on the shoulders and sleeves. This is casually chic and with the interplay of applique and sequins mixing at whim, it is more sophisticated when everything is not matchy matchy.

Incanto is made for slink, Maitreya and mesh bodies and consists of three pieces the shorts, jacket and the very sexy tank stop that has a stripe of heavy luxuriant silk followed by a translucent layer of skin that shows just enough to be totally tantalizing.  Incanto comes in four primary colors, each more evocative than the next including red, blue, green and purple.

Incanto is the perfect outfit to step out and start to enjoy 2019 -- it is chic and sexy -- beautifully created with thoughtful embellishments and sure to keep every eye on you in the room... Mr. X likes that... especially when I am admired from afar!


Outfit - Incanto by Fellini Couture

Exclusive @ Sense Event

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Hair - Shi

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