Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mr. X and Desire - Virtual Diva Couture.

ok... it is a new day and we all have new days... sometimes... they are amazing... like this new sexy uber cutout dress from Virtual Diva Couture... seriously, how much fun is this!!!!  Mr. X doesn't know where to begin, and, I seriously like that! And, who can resist something called  Desire!

 This is a cutout dress that is as sexy from the front as it is from the back and you can be sure that  you will be followed down the path... oh la la!     And, really, Desire looks as good from the front as the back....Mr, X loves this!   And of course  Desire is ... well  Desire!

Wearing  - Virtual Diva Couture -  Outfit - Desire!
Virtual Diva 

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