Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mr. X & Stella - Wish Upon A Star... New Fellini

Sighs... Fellini Couture has come out with the most romantic gown for Valentine's Day... sure to make you feel like everyone that looks at you in it is wishing on a star... and wants a taste of your luster .... oh la la  --- is golden and silver...

Looking at me, you better remember those white nights... the stars that gleamed and the full moon in the window --tears and laughter... the break in your whisper... the promises... and let it all go... like smoke from a candle... like a melody... you remember...

I love this new gown by Fellini Couture called Stella that is an exclusive at Sense.  It is made for Maitreya mesh bodies and has the added embellishments of flexiprims.  Stella comes in silver and gold with a gorgeous array of stars and a lovely hairpin of stars... it is truly "celestial".... can't wait to dance with Mr. X as a Star in his arms...


Fellini Couture - Gown - Stella @ Sense  Event

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