Friday, December 23, 2016

Sweets for my Sweet Mr. X - IrrlSIStible @ Swank

The holidays are on us... and like some of you... I have been making my list and checking it twice...and oh yes indeed Mr. X is on it!   As a matter of fact, I have prepared a Sweet Holiday banquet for him to choose from....

Christmas Bakery Mesh Outfit and Dress is from IrrilSIStible... and it is just that.  This fun dress is a veritable buffet  replete with cupcakes, strawberry tarts, cookies, cream puffs, peppermint frosted donuts...candy canes... artfully placed on a beautiful revolving yes... a revolving table that even has little gifts and candles! This dress is so much fun to wear!

I love the fact that it also comes with a "sweet" hat of cupcakes, cookies and creme puffs, shoes with candy cane embellishments and a cute  cupcake holiday necklace.... the only thing missing is the delicious smell of these baked goods... but, I have have a good imagination!

Another festive find from IrrlSIStible is the Magic Christmas Gown -- a evergreen tree dress with gold lame bodice and all the holiday fixings - garland, bows, ornaments, lights... even a Christmas Tree hat and a mistletoe  corsage... everything to  turn Mr. Scrooge into Mr. X!

Wearing - Christmas Bakery Mesh Outfit and Dress is from IrrlSIStible and Magic Christmas Gown

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