Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mr. X and Cici & Cathil - Swank Sascha's Designs and J&W Jewelers

Sascha is an icon in SL and she has designed two fabulous gowns for the holiday season... the first is called  Cici it is elegance in motion -- sparkles galore... and Mr. X loves that. Cici  comes fit for several mesh bodies - freya, isis, slink, venus and with some adjustments I am wearing it with my Maitreya Lara body... and loving it!
As with all of Sascha's Gowns,  you can wear Cici with or without flexi additions on arms,  waist and legs... anyway that you decide to  wear this elegant holiday gown... you will be the life of the party because you will be glowing... almost as much as the man you are with... oh  la la... so says, my beloved Mr. X.....

Sascha also has a exclusive @ Swank for the month of  December  called Cathil Silver/Red Gown... it is beyond  festive!  It is elegant and eye catching in  a silver white tone embellished with a rich floral border in red... it flows like a  beautiful  snowflake at sunset drop dead red on a silver white  horizon and it is simply gorgeous and easy to wear-- it is 50% mesh so everyone can wear it and it has tons of seductive flexi prims....the choice is yours... sleek or cape -- or mermaid or flowing gown...

I love the delicate Battenburg Lace at the hemline and the  sleeves... along with the  belt at the waist that  makes me totally an hourglass  figure. Cathil Silver is 50% mesh and comes in  5 sizes along with flexi prim additions... and also can be worn with Lara Maitreya.
What makes Cathil Silver/Red , the exclusive @ Swank distinctive it s the cowl neckline and the gorgeous white mantel that is both mysterious and seductive... Mr. X loves that.  I am also wearing irresistible  jewelry from  J&W Jewelers the Winter Wonderland Collection  --  I am wearing the cute Candykane Necklace and Earrings... who can resist that!


Sascha's Designs
Dress #1  Cici

Sascha Designs Exclusive @ Swank
Dress #2 - Cathil Silver/Red - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003

Jewelry - J&W Jewelers - Winter Wonderland Collection - CandyKane

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