Thursday, December 15, 2016

A trio of finds @ Swank from landscaping to a dress

I told Mr. X that I adore winter... when nature paints the landscape with so many beautiful white textures... I love the way the snow covers the landscape and how it covers rocks and leaves... how it sticks to the branches of trees... creating a wonderful fairytale landscape to explore...

I found some terrific landscaping low prim items at this month's Swank event perfect for winter landscaping such as TM Creation's Winter Snowy Rocks Plants arrangement that contains a winter scene placed on snow with rocks, plants and pine trees - it even comes with a bonus with winter ground cover pine leaves. This is a total of 5 prims and can be used linked or unlinked and is copy.

Another find created by TM Creation is the winter snowy fairytale tree (2 prims) with Ivy ground cover. (1 prim) You can decorate it (or not) and also create a step to walk on with the leaf ground cover option or you can create a shadow. This tree is just gorgeous and it is really hard to believe that it is only TWO prims!

I just can't wait to cuddle with Mr. X by the Winter Well by Outside the Box, another great landscaping find at Swank.  This cute well comes with 8 cuddle poses and even a sequence option... it is a perfect place for a winter cuddle with a sweet little racoon, a bright red cardinal and snow covered pine tree that completes the scene.

I am wearing another fabulous find at Swank by Pink Ice called Bianca. It comes for all mesh bodies and is beautifully textured with an elaborate sequin pattern making this outfit perfectly festive.  I love the lace up back on top of this dress giving it added sexy appeal!  Bianca comes in a myriad of attractive colors from red and silver to pink, salmon, blue, black and many more.

Swank LM
Landscape @ Swank
TM Creations - Fairy Tree and Winter Snowy Rocks Plants arrangement
Outside the Box - Stand Up Cuddle Wishing Well
Outfit - Pink Ice - Bianca in Red, Silver and Salmon
Swank LM

Jewelry - J&W Jewelers - Winter Wonderland Collection - Silver Raindeer and Gingerbread

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