Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mr. X and Sandy - *NEW* Resun

Mr. X told me that winds to the east are blowing and that an ocean mist is settling in...the air  hangs heavy like a tempest that is swirling and shifting in anticipation of something... that is about to begin. Resun's new two piece outfit, Sandy will create a stir wherever you wear it.

For me nothing says sweet, sassy and feminine like high waisted pink leather shorts with a low slung hipster belt.  The texture is so real you can almost feel it. No worries if you don't like pink, this comes with a color changing hud featuring 9 great colors from silver, beige and white to black, navy blue and even  a delicious spring green.  There is a hud that allows you to change the color of the shorts and the color of the belt -- it is great fun to mix and match... I went obviously all pink!

I love the corset bodice with its sexy eyelet silver rimmed cutouts and sweethart neckline. The corset also comes with a matching color changing hud. Both the shorts and corset top of Sandy are made for a multitude of slink, mesh and classic bodies -- making it easy for everyone to wear - regardless of what SL body you choose. I honestly wish more designers would do this, not everyone is "mesh" yet!

So, Mr. X.....will the tempest come and sweep us to Oz... or will the sea settle down... I sit alone waiting for you to join me... as we watch the waves crash endlessly into the arms of the shore... warm beckoning arms.... like mine....I have missed you Mr. X.


Shorts and Top -  Resun - Sandy

Hair - eXxEsS - Lara A

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