Friday, March 31, 2017

Mr. X and the Epic Tale...*NEW* Zed Sensations and Emo-tions and Jumo

Enchantress of the mist of the mountains... light and colors swirl as she whispers her incantations... that float like incense on the wind... straight to the heart of light....oh magic forces far and wide... enchant these so they cannot hide... allow this fairy goddess to use therein so she can reveal the evil within..... I call now the powers, blessed be -- to make my sisters happy......

 Love this new outfit called the Epic Tale by Zed Sensations.... it is magic......-- it has certainly cast a spell on me. It is made for all mesh bodies... and comes with a huge color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of the  veil, skirt, midriff straps and top.  I fell in love with this minty green but it also comes in six colors. I love the leg and arm guards that are finely wrought in gold. And the skirt and top has magic runes and stars... that tell the tales of old... and of dreams to become.....

In this tween time... this darkest hour...  we call  upon the sacred power...  in innocent skies we search... enchanted Mr. X as always as  your eyes draw me into you.....

And now... to the muses all the beautiful creators and bloggers.... being of creativity...  show yourself to me... your light which shines upon our face... let our vision now embrace...... 

I am wearing new magical eye make up for Jumo called   Stylesque  for mesh heads and classic heads and new lipstick called Doutzen it comes in all shades of  pink, neutral and red for mesh, bento  and classic heads. I love this with the new hair by Emo-tions called Stella with its long braid -- it also comes with appliers for classic and slink and letuka mesh heads.

Wearing - Zed Sensations - * new*  Dress - Epic Tale

 Hair -  *New* Emotions - Stella- pastel

Shoes and Make - up  JUMO
Rebecca Shoes
Eye-make up  - Stylesque
Lips - Doutzen

Wings - Fairy Godmother - !!SMD!!

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