Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mr. X and Lady Rhapsody - New !!SMD!! and Emo-tions

The gatekeeper would not let me in...she said... you are always asking questions Princess Rhapsody but the answers will come your way... eventually.... or will they Mr. X....I whisper to myself ---  held in the midnight blue -- the lunar synthesis of night... I hear drums beating in the distance... can you hear them Mr. X.... and feel them in your soul?  I am btw feeling totally romantic in this new gown by !!SMD!! called Lady Rhapsody.

Have seen me in the moonlight... the moon reflects on my skin.... smooth and polished... reminiscences come at this hour... and I dive in and let myself fall... remembering the sweet smells of childhood... newly mowed grass, cake baking... scented candles, lily of the valley.... old dust and perfume... webs and lattices of coincidence

I love the whisper of chiffon skirts and overlay skirt as light as a breeze not to mention the sexy corset top with lace insets and lace around the sweetheart neckline.  This gown is like wearing a dream. It comes in colors such as tea rose, wheat, hyacinth and orchid and is made for slink and maitreya (worn) mesh bodies. I love the roses at the waist... it sets this gown off perfectly.

Wearing -

GOWN - *NEW* - !!SMD!! - Lady Rhapsody

HAIR  - Emo-tions - Leni Blonde


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