Monday, April 10, 2017

Mr. and Delilah - Purplemoon, TM, DS. ScS, Jumo @ Swank

Sweet --- and angelic in white and gold.... this is how I want to meet Mr. X tonight... and I found the most lovely cocktail  dress by Purplemoon at Swank called Delilah.... it is  a love story... in lace and is all about lace.... after all.... And, Delilah is  beautifully detailed for a flattering fit...  I love the sweetheart neckline. Venetian lace over beckons and it is an exclusive @ Swank, and Mr. X adores  dresses like this simple and elegant.... how can he resist?

To add to the romance, I am using the low mesh boardwalk  Beach wood  path with ferns  flowers (2 prims), wand the Romantic Roses  Gazebo (also a dark option) by TM Creation Store - Romantic - it is elegant and so romantic -- the flowers (Summer 4 and 6 Mix  2 prims each)  are so realistic that  I can make a Monet inspired spring garden and so can you!!!

And... for  jewelry, I adore another find at Swank by Luminesse called Niketa Epirus.  It is a finely wrought gold and black collar with a aqua gemstone  that comes with matching drop earrings. The skin is another find at Swank by ScS -- it is compatible  with all mesh and classic bodies including catwa and letuka heads. It comes in many tones, I  showed Meile in a previous blog, this tone is Vivante and I love it -- fresh and sweet and  almost angelic.  The eyeshadow is by DS and is called Fleek, another exclusive at Swank and, I am  a huge  fan of her  eyes too....

Dress - Purplemoon  exclusive @ Swank - Delilah
Necklace and  Earrings  Luminesse  Niketa Epirus
 Skin -  ScS - Vivante
Eye makeup - Fleek  - DS
Pathway - TM Creations  Store Beachwood  path with ferns
Gazebo -  TM Creation Store - Romantic Roses  Gazebo
Flowers - TM Creations Summer 4 and 6 Mix

Jumo - Whitney Hair - Natural Ombres Straight

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