Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mr. X and Nuriel - new Celestina`s Weddings @ Swank

Mr. X told me he dreamed heavenly dreams of a bejeweled angel coming to him... deep in the indigo midnight... she brought him comfort and hope... her beauty dazzled him... just as this new exclusive gown at Swank dazzled me by CW (Celestina`s Weddings) called Angel Nuriel.

Made for mesh and classic bodies this gown with its high waisted golden belt comes with the most gorgeous wings -- they are embellished with gold roses and a whisp of glowing angel light.... they are just beautiful. It even comes with a gold and pearl crown of light...

I love the way the wings are picked up in the design of the ring that comes with this gown... it glimmers and glows in the most heavenly way! The ring fits classic, mesh and bento hands. Nuriel is the angel of hailstorms -- the fire of the lord...

Mr. X... please follow me... the trail of angel dust to another exclusive at Swank  by CWS Designs... the most lovely garden... it is a  heavenly courtyard of delight.... I will show you ....

The garden called Courtyard of Heaven comes loaded with sparkling trees, tables with a lavish banquet, a beautiful fountain and of course is really beautiful.

I love all the details that this courtyard offers... it is so romantic and perfect for a small wedding, party or dance or romantic rezz day party. Best of all it comes with a really easy to use rezz box that makes it so easy to place and move around before finalize the placement of this lovely build.

Swank Exclusives

Dress - Nuriel - Celestina`s Weddings

Set - Courtyard of heaven - Celestina`s Weddings

Hair - Rebecca - Emo-tions

Clothes Shot at -

Courtyard of Heaven Shot at   a new and evolving build by artist Frankx Lefavre

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