Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mr. X and Hella Isa D'Orable Creations and Park Place @ Swank

This morning I asked Mr. X to come and help me straighten a few things out... I  have a love hate relationship with placing things -- love to decorate -- but hate trying to get it all straight -- there are XYZ tricks for that as Mr. X showed me.... I just love the new contemporary set offered by Park Place @ Swank. There are many low prim items available perfect to mix and match your home decor.

The items include an array of plants, I really liked the bamboo (3 prims), the lanterns that  can be made larger or smaller and they click on and off.  The fabulous fireplace that  you can turn up the fire... or not (1 prim and wow), a black and silver sofa table, the  cosmopolitan coffee table with accessories (3 prims another wow)  and a great herringbone patterned rug.

These lovely and comfortable cityscape chairs ( with or without pillows) plus throw pillows are 3 and 2 prims respectively. Both come with 14 interactive male and female poses.  The chairs are experience enabled giving a smoother transition between aos and props.  There are props for coffee, drinks, cell phone, notes, computer and more.

I am wearing another Swank Exclusive by Isa D'Orable Creations... called Hella. It is so sexy -- naughty and nice all at the same time and so well made and textures. I love the quilted leather and fine black lace, the high waisted belt that shows off my figure and the sexy side laces (Mr. X loves those)!  The fire is burning Mr. X and this little number is sure to make you hawt !! Hella is made for mesh and classic bodies -- and I am  wearing it  with my  Maitreya Mesh  body.  The boots are Pointy Boots by Muse, also at Swank.
One last find at Swank... in anticipation of summer are the patio lounge chairs... that beckon... they come with 10 poses and are so low prim and stylish that they are hard to resist. There is also a line of plants that complete this look along with a table and lights.

Swank Exclusives
LM -

Park Place - Cosmopolitan Chairs Cosmopolitan Sofa table, silver black table, space saver Cosmopolitan Fireplace, Lanterns,  bamboo,  Patio lounge chairs, herringbone rug and picture.

Dress -Hella - Isa D'Orable Creations

Shoes - Muse - Pointy Boots

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