Friday, April 14, 2017

Muse and Mr. X @ Swank....Muse and Virtual Diva @ Swank

Muse is such a creative designer... she combines sexy and fantasy... and Mr. X is loving that!  I mean she has came out with a new outfit, Glam Angel that is an exclusive @ Swank that is  simply amazing....  Who thinks to combine short mini shorts and a bra harness top... with  wings..... boots and angelic glam hair -- all exclusively at  Swank....  it is stunning with or without the wings and angel crown.....

The wings are amazing and have a 23 color changing  hud  with   textures that offer a rainbow of colors ... I played with it for an hour before I settled on pink of course... my  fav color. I am wearing Angelic Glam Hair Naturals loaded  50 colors it also comes in  fantasy and  naturals... all loaded.

The Micro shorts and harness bra top and garter belt  have a color changing hud that offers a  brownish black, raspberry (worn ) and green color -- each compliments the wide variety of wings perfectly. Muse has also made beautiful fairytale pointy boots that finish this off....

The Hair, Angelic Glam Hair, which I really really love includes:  standard and breast hair, a massive color changing hud  - in Naturals,  Naturals  Relaxed and  Fantasy  that range from blacks, whites, reds, blondes, browns and pastels.. it is amazing. But what is even better is that this hair contains a beautiful four part wing  tiara in silver and diamonds -- that also has a  wing color changing hud and gem hud sold individually.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Outfit - Harnessed  - bra,  garter belt, panties
Shoes- Muse - Harnessed  Pointed boots
Wings - Muse - Angelic Glam Wings
Hair - Muse - Angelic Glam Hair - Loose Naturals
Poses - Virtual  Diva - Glowing Angel Set of  Poses

Swank LM

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