Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mr. X and the Dragonfly Princess - Poet's Heart & Jumo Iridescent

The sun settles like a mist of  warmth  on the lake. The dragonfly princess flies low, hovering above the tranquil water --refracting light off her wings -- the colors of her dress reflect the pattern on her delicate wings.  

The colors tilt and shift as the dragonfly princess lands softly in a magical glen.. listening to the hum of life around her...floating between two different worlds,  it is like a dream where wonderful thoughts are separated from reality, and are scattered like refracted light for us to assemble.  
I will not disappear as the dawn approaches rather I shall weave the sunlight and make the rays dance on my wings ... the colors will deepen with the shadows of the day... I Princess of the Dragonflies shall live on the whim of the winds... they will carry me in directions that I can only dream about....

Oh how I adore this new outfit by Poet's Heart called Dragonfly. It is made for classic mesh and Maitreya, Slink and Belleza Mesh bodies. Wear the dress with or without sleeves.  It has matching  boots, sleeves and wings.  It even has a special headdress for fun fantasy play.

Dragonfly is an exclusive at Fantasy Faire and will also be found at Poet's Heart Main Shop. In addition to dragonfly, this comes in grasshopper, bumblebee, fly, flower beetle,and ladybug... and who can resist a sweet little ladybug?

I have paired this with the *New* iridescent lipstick and with the new Olympia eye-make -up for classic heads and for Lelutka and Catwa, Omega mesh  heads . 

Dress - Instecta  Dragonfly and Ladybug - Poet's Heart

Eyemake - up -Jumo - Olympia
Lips - Jumo - Iridescent

Hair - Truth - Solas

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