Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Mr. X and Alexa - new Jumo & Emotions

Sometimes for the last dance you need pure elegance and this new gown by Jumo called XXX is simply elegant and stunning... as only Jumo can make it!  What a gorgeous gown to have to kick off the holidays!  Mr. X come and find me translucent and shimmering on the water.... if you dare!

I love this new gown my Jumo called Alex... it is so elegant... I love the way it flows, glimmers and teases... and, especially the back of this gown is as gorgeous as the front of it...

Jumo never misses a detail right down to these fantastic drop earrings... that come with the Alex Gown... how can you resist!  They have a color changing hud, just like this gown has.... so sweet!  The hair is  emo-tions called XXX... I just adore the jewlery with these earrings...and, so does Mr. X!

So, it is late and I am sad to be honest, but this gown from Jumo has my blood going and, I am once again feeling happy... get Alex, it is made for all mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous color changing hud that ranges from duponi silk to lavish florals....

Gown - Jumo - Alexa

Jewelry - Jumo - Alexa

Hair - Emo-tions -

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