Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mr. X & YELIZ....... @ Instruments!

While La Rive Gauche may not be what it used to there are still some nooks and crannies of the old guard. Where a few people speak Latin the way the university students did in the ’20s.  Romantic hangouts to dance...  Mr. X told me that I am that ilk...with a this new fabulous outfit by YELIZ called Young Spirit that is an exclusive at the Instruments.

This is a new designer for me, one I want to get to know better -- so will you the textures and style of  Young Spirit  is fun, care free and outstanding.  It also comes with a cool and sophisticated coat attachment... but oh la la I am too "hawt"  and carefree for that!  Mr. X thinks so too --  and he is cranky -- sometimes and not always agrees -- but this  he does and really, hello.... how could he not!

I adore the lattice skirt with its silk pencil skirt under it and the sleek matching top. It is artfully done and best of all it comes with a fabulous color changing hud -- that I have played with for hours... each combination is better than the next.  You can choose from patterns or solid textures and mix them all up... and wow what an effect. The hud has


The Instruments Exclusives

YELIZ - Young  Spirit

Skin - October  4 Season Skins - Rehana Pearl Auburn

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