Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mr. X and the Debutante - J&A exclusive, Sonatta Morales and October

I told Mr. X that the headband that I found at the J&A Event created by BamPu Legacies called  the Great Gatsby Headdress led me down the vintage path once again... it is one of my favorite looks. There has not been a decade since the roaring twenties that has loved bling,  beads and fringe more than the 1920s.  Notorious for beaded headbands with feathers, flowers, and artistic motifs, the 1920's women knew how to dress up their short hairdo's.

The Great Gatsby Headdress, an exclusive at the the Jewelry and Accessories  Expo through March 6 is an elegant 1920's styled headband made of finely wrought gold and studded with pearls that embellish it. The headband is highlighted by a jewel encrusted flower on one side with long strings of beads that dangle in a most sensational way.  This is something that Daisy, from the great Gatsby wore to entice.

Gatsby's personality is nothing short of gorgeous...and Daisy is the sought after debutante -- a paragon of perfection... with an aura of charm, wealth and sophistication... This new beaded dress by Sonatta Morales called Lin... exemplifies this -- it is simply exquisite with it's lavish gold beaded pattern.

Lin's silk blend is made to move and breath with you in all the right ways... the beadwork and salmon pink is just  brilliant and historically accurate.  The hair is also the new version of Lulu by Sonatta that comes in 10 fabulous colors that add to the vintage look. And the skin is the soon to be released Catalina Lily by October 4 Seasons comes with 5 skin tones and one nature tone and works with all mesh bodies that I can think of!!

The shoes are another find by the fabulous Lavian & Co by Sage called Petra.  I will be wearing these shows a great deal!  They are amazing  not only because of their classic style, but also because of the huds offered that include: art print, fun print, metals print, animal prints and pantone.  I could not help but wear the metal print that includes copper, silver, deep silver gold.  Best of all you can color the front, toe cap, sides, spikes and heel  individually.  These are must have shoes.

J&A Exclusives
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Headdress -  BamPu Legacies - Great Gatsby Headdress (comes in other colors as well)
Shoes: Lavian & Co by Sage - Petra (metal hud but many others available)

Dress: *New* Sonatta Morales - Lin
Hair *New* - Sonatta Morales - Lulu 3

Skin - To be Released Soon - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Lily

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