Friday, February 12, 2016

Mr. X and Lace Lover by Modern Couture @ The Instruments

Rose colored lace...  and a romantic floral pattern of roses... such lovely flowers... held  sacred by a number of goddesses...ah yes, the sweet rose of reason and virtue saves the hero from his bewitched life in the form of a donkey in one of my favorite classic tales, The Golden Ass... check out the version by Robert Graves.  This is an exclusive by Modern Couture at the Instruments.

 I told Mr. X that I think this gown, Lace Lovers Rose must be inspired by the goddess of love and beauty... he said... oh yes, and this goddess has  a dash of lust!  The gown I am talking about is by Modern Couture and it is called  Lover's Lace and  comes in 3 other pastel colors best of all it is an exclusive that is now open  till Feb.25 .

There is something romantic and old fashioned about lace...Mr. X loves those qualities... in all women... and I love the way this gown accentuates all my curves -- right to the deep slit up my thigh...oh la la! This gown comes in several  evocative pastel colors... all are so beautiful right down to the butterfly playing in the flowers....What makes this gown a stand out to me is the gorgeous floral neckline... that adorns this lovely gown with it's magnificent lace pattern in the best lace style with its wispy opaque skirts that inflame the heart... and set it on fire.

Instruments Exclusive Modern Couture
Modern Couture -  Lace Lovers Rose - Pink

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  October 4 Season's - Lily Guiselle

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