Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mr. X and Lush... Sascha's Designs @ The Instruments and Bellefleurs

I told Mr. X that Sascha Designs has a new dress out at The Instruments called Lush -- it's red silk very red silk and makes me feel like a glamorous Hollywood film actress from the 1950s.  A low maintenance dress for a high maintenance starlet!  Mr. X smirks and says, you Sita... are never ever high maintenance...never!

Lush packs a high degree of elegance in the most flattering silhouette ever...with it's sexy slash up the leg and sexy drape to the neckline.  To add another layer of allure, this dress comes with a gorgeous wide brim hat that falls so gently creating an elegant wave that enhances my profile.

Meeting me for cocktails, I pretend I don't look beautiful.  He pretends to look surprised that I do. Mr. X reservations are at 9  -- shall we make them for 10 and have a dreadfully late night out?  He smiles...

The Instruments Exclusive
Dress and Hat - *new* Sascha Designs - Lush
Shoes *new* FP - Red Bunny Shoes

Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom

Shot at Bellefleurs - Waterside Terrace
Bellefleurs has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum since the 1590s. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it is home to the Canning Circle.  It offers a Salon Music series, dances, lectures, and other events, as well as an En Garde game.  Be sure to subscribe to their events group. This sim is open to the public.  Bellefleurs houses a collection of art and portraits from various periods and has beautiful outdoor terraces and gardens.  It is a pleasure to drop by.

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