Monday, February 22, 2016

Mr. X and Miniel - Wicca's Wardrobe & Oct. 4

It was on the wind... rustling through the trees, wafting around the flowers... as the sun was dipping into the horizon... bleeding red and the edge --- so very far away... and yet, I knew...and a sense of impending doom settled over me.... I knew now that there was no going back.
I am not a princess of fine silks and jewels... my silk is my battle armour and my jewels are my chains, armbands and leg bands wrought of the finest electrum in the land and blessed by the high priest -- a magician that gave me a sacred icon to carry with me wherever my destiny took me. Maybe it will take me into your arms... and maybe not... only the gods know....

And,  yes, the gods are crazy..... The magician told me the magic resides deep within me... a hidden reservoir of strength and willpower... daring all to enter my space... like a true warrior queen... I dare you!

Mr. X, I know your heart lies deep in the forest... protected by sprites and nymphs, djinns and even your own wall of resolve... I   am  deep within ... a treasure to be glimpsed at...  a stolen  look ... the caress of  eyes... and then....

Shoes   Special @ The Instruments  - Wicca Merlin Spring Booties with color changing hud

Outfit - *New* Wicca Merlin - Miniel

Skin - October  4 Seasons - Zulay - Chocolate
Tattoo October 4 Season  - Feb Gift  that comes with skin
Eyeshadow - October  4 Seasons -  Flossy Shadow
Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - Captivating Mesh Lashes Tri Blue

Hair - emo-tions - Sunburst