Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pack light & Mr. X.... Tay - new release Sonatta Morales

Pack light... have you ever heard such a ridiculous thing in your life...this was the advice of Mr. X.... for my journey to meet him....and not a damn porter to be found... not even a sherpa.... but I like train travel... I love the sound of the whistles as they signal the beginning or continuation of a journey.
Most of all I love  the way trains snake along the tracks always providing something new to look at. I also love this new release called Tay by Sonatta Morales.  While I wait to board at least I am warm in this luxurious new velvet coat with its' fabulous fur collar.  If I am in luck, this station will serve tea at the very least... and maybe a stronger spirit to warm me up for this long journey...god knows I need it!
I don't know how Mr. X can miss me in the station when my train arrives... this coat is dazzles... with brilliant colors in a fabulous texture that is pure eye candy. It is as gorgeous from the back as it is from the front !
Oh no, he can't be late again can he?  And worse, the station is locked up tight... so no tea... no rum... not a drop of anything to keep me warm.... so  I snuggle deeper into this fabulous fur collar and wait for Mr. X....
To pass the time, I  light my pipe and send him SOS smoke signals..... "Mr. X Sita has arrived and is in desperate need of a sherpa.... hint --- hint!"  The moon is rising... and I am starving as well.... oh Mr. X --- where on earth are you? Men !!!!!!

Wearing: Sonatta Morales - Tay (new release) and leopard vintage sunglasses

ghee - GoGo Boots (new)

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kat - seafoam

Skin - Morphine

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