Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mr. X and the Union of Souls...!!SMD!!

Did you know that we are witches -- that know the power of enchantment?  I parade down the stairs and my sister   brews... her... stew or is she  stewing..... (you never know with sisters, if you know what I mean).   She calls to me... do you really think you are a princess?  I think that you are a red headed.... spawn....of Lucifer.... and she laughs her laugh that echoes through the webs and wakes the spiders...

We are not  pink nor pale  we are  almost perfect said one witch to the other...she has more than she needs -- the bird--- he tweets and sings like  a raven... the spiders spin and the cat prowls... we are good witches that conjure our spells as the night covers us in its deep indigo splendor with the light of the stars so bright that it spills through the upper window.
Sister shall we  boil him or eat him alive or let him-- fly free -- so many  choices  but my witch sister is of the water and the stream of light and of dreams...  she stirs her pot and is always true to her word...a good witch for those whose hearts can stand the heat...I  watch my sister she is contemplating  choices....a dash of nutmeg perhaps...

 Whether it is fate  or lust... the knowledge enlightens, and we will know what to do... because, we see through you and we know what and who you are...  If I  were  Pygmalion or  God...  Mr. X says....  I will  brew you always exactly as the  double trouble  that you both are!

Gown - !!SMD!! -Union of Souls - Haunting Set

Hair - Superstar Acedia Albion (no longer available)

Make -up - Alge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ebony%20Coast/230/41/2501

Thanks to my friend Alexa -- she shot the third spooky photo as I had popped in when she was shooting this fabulous shoppe called  Spiritualists Shoppe by DRD @ Seasons of the Witch Event
For details on this please visit her blog post at https://bitsandpiecesofsl.wordpress.com/tag/alexa-maravilla... her images and creativity are so spooktacular!