Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mr. X and the Ankh- *Luxe Paris* @ Swank

I invoke, you oh royal ankh, the symbol of life and immortality...You are the key of Nile, and the Key of life  ---The universe, power and life-giving air and water--Key of life unlocking the gates of death--You are the fertility and creative power symbolized by your cross and circle...

You give beauty to fingertips of Gods and Goddesses--Conferring the gift of life to mummy of the dead- The goddess Isis holds you in her hand--You are in the hand of the jackal god Anubis-- The god of underworld and mummification-- Even Noble Horus holds you in his hand as he welcomes you to the underworld.

I love this new jumpsuit & corset top called Ankh by Luxe Paris that is an Exclusive @ Swank.  It also comes with two black leather and silver studded bracelets and, a beautiful Ankh around the neckline in silver. And, guys, drop into Swank, Luxe Paris has a great exclusive for men too !

Wearing  Exclusive @ Swank - Outfit - Ankh - Luxe Paris

Luxe Paris Main Store-

Hair - acedia albion - no longer available


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