Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mr. X and a Hex by [Zex] @ Swank

When the days grow short and the nights grow long in autumn I love watching the trees turn from green to red, gold and orange... misty mornings, berries, patches of pumpkins and bales of hay...oh the lure of October.... and oh this alluring outfit by  [Zex]  called Gomory that is an exclusive @ Swank that is sure to bring out your darkest desires!!!

Made for mesh bodies, Gomory  has a sexy mini skirt, thong panties, and a very sexy bandage crop top.  It is perfect for watching ghostly shadows creep slowly by... as candlelights flickers making you wonder if witches roam the night...
Gomory  also comes loaded with accessories such as the fabulous horns and the wrist cuff.  I love the bejeweled details in these horns that studded with silver and have chains with silver gems hanging from their ends. Certainly in this outfit you will be ready to roam any night of fright!

Somehow to make this even more other worldly and exotic I decided to wear Violator, now only available on MP. I am wearing Chatelaine - the collar, headpiece, veil chest... after all who doesn't like forbidden things... this time of year....

Wearing - Swank Exclusive
[Zex] - Gomory

Jewelry - Violator - Chatelaine

Hair - TKW - Talvikki

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