Friday, October 20, 2017

Mr. X and Carmen, The Opera .... *NEW* JUMO - Skin, Shape, Lips & Eyes- Carmen & Gown

Oh, the romance of Carmen... Mr. X... set in Seville around 1830... a Spanish gypsy and her love...I love this new shape and skin and eye and lip make-up by Jumo, not to mention the fabulous gown I am wearing called... Pollux Gown, the shape, skin, eyes, lips, skin and hair... all  Jumo... and wow new skin Carmen... fabulous! For classic and mesh bodies and for Letuka and Catwa Mesh Heads!

 Carmen is a Spanish gypsy girl who is working in a factory when the story opens. She sees the soldier Don José one lunchtime and decides to make him fall in love with her even though he already has a girlfriend. At first, he isn’t interested, but Carmen has a way with her and soon she captures his heart. This gown comes with a  huge color change hud that changes the textures from sexy lace to solid and the colors - even ombre. It also includes a fur wrap and long and short earrings.

Don José deserts the army and leaves his girlfriend Micaela to be with Carmen, but Carmen soon gets tired of him and instead takes up with Escamillo, the hunky bullfighter who she thinks is much more glamorous than Don José. José is desperately unhappy at this and tries very hard to persuade Carmen to come back to him. She refuses and instead goes to watch Escamillo in a major bullfight.
José waits for Carmen outside the ring and gives her one last chance to come back to him, but she only laughs at him. Then José says that if he can’t have her, no one will. He takes out a knife and stabs her. Carmen dies as José is arrested and led away, while inside the ring the crowd cheers as Escamillo wins the bullfight.

That’s love is sung by Carmen when she first appears on stage. The words tell the audience about her character, that she is fickle and faithless and just out for what she can get. Carmen is one of the most popular and famous operas in the world. It is performed many times each year. If you are able to listen to it, you will probably find that you already know several of the tunes because they are played so often.
Love the skin and eye makeup and lips that goes with the new Carmen Skin Package that comes in many shades for classic, and mesh bodies and also for Catwa and Letuka Mesh Heads (worn) and it also comes with a special  oh wow sexy Carmen shape, also worn.

Wearing - Jumo

Skin - Carmen Honey
Eyes and Lips - Carmen
Gown - Pollux
Hair - Doutzen

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