Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mr. X and the Night - Tiffany Design @ Swank

Alone tonight the absence of tranquility -- I wonder... if Mr. X can bewitch me...I know one thing for sure in this new gown by Tiffany Design called Gothic Gown, an exclusive at Swank through October 31, I will bewitch him! 

This sexy gothic mermaid styled gown has flexi sheer bell sleeves and a lace bodice that embraces my body like the stars embrace the cold deep dark night...It is crowned with a beautiful band of roses whose thorns shimmer in the night.  Gothic gown is made for fit mesh and mesh bodies and comes with all the appropriate appliers making it easy to wear. It also comes with drop pearl and diamond earrings and a lovely classic pearl necklace with a fine gold chain.

Mr. X, you say, I grace the concept of beauty by candlelight  ---- or is it by silence of a  sentimental night  you and I, Mr. X entwined... as dreary shadows cast a  pallid  light... 

No matter, my soul is  yours --  captive in the beauty of the night....Mr. X you hold me so dear.... and I  melt... in this  gorgeous Goth Gown  by Tiffany Design -- so come, let's discover the night together...and never return to our point of origin....

Wearing the exclusive Gothic Gown by Tiffany Design @ Swank

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