Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mr. X and Forgotten Realms - Violator's Valentines Day Group Gift...

 Lost in a lost world and Mr. X … forgotten realms… the promise of the night, of the land of dreams, of sensual pleasures that seduce the mind as smoke from a brazier… with the fire of Burmese rubies….
Violator…a special group gift… for Valentine’s Day… Forgotten Realms… it is unforgettable… with artfully placed --- vibrant textures – that are synonymous with a woman that is desired…
Forgotten Realms is a testament to Soraya’s skills as an artist with the expert way rigged mesh and alpha textures are placed…with an eye for precision and form.  Bell sleeves sway and are enhanced by blood red silk gloves…a beautiful gold ring is included.
The headdress with its’ veil and crop like decorative accessory is outstanding in its’ complex design that will turn heads where ever you go. Mr. X tells me this is an amazing Valentines Day Group Gift… if you are not a member of Violator, this is the time to join.
 Mr. X tells me he dreams of me… my sweet lovely curves, my eyes, as wide and deep as the river of his fondest hopes…an iridescent rainbow of things to come...together we hold enchantment.  Happy Valentine’s Day…Mr. X. 

Wearing: Violator -Forgotten Realms - Valentine's Day Group Gift
Necklace: Violator - Chained in gold

For RL -- check it out

Skin: Acedia Albion: Gothyblk-

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