Friday, February 7, 2014

Mr. X and Red Roses... 3 new must see releases

Mr. X and I debated the origin of Valentine's Day...but one thing we could both agree on is that roses have come to symbolize love and romance.  
 The new skin called Valentine by  7Deadly s{k}ins is gorgeous with sensuous full pink lips and flawlessly textured skin... innocent and passionate all at the same time...don't miss out on this skin. This skin comes with all the bells and whistles (lolas, tangos, freckles etc.) and best of all there is even a male version of this skin.

I am wearing a romantic new gown called Valentine Princess Gown by Zed Sensations... that is romantically adorned with cascades of roses. 

 The Victorians began the tradition of using flowers to communicate sentiment...that could not be spoken. This dress entwines red roses that indicate passion and romantic love and pink roses that are symbolic for love and gratitude.  This dress even comes with a rose spray to wear in your hair.

The silk textures of the magnificent dress are artfully draped and embellished with white lace and gold silken threads that flow elegantly as you dance the night away. The cut of the gowns top is alluring and sexy showing just enough to beguile.

To complete your Valentine’s Day don’t miss out on the new mesh couples rug set by Aphrodite by Heart Homes.  This romantic set is mesh and comes with in PG or adult options to suit your comfort zone.  The set comes with a working fireplace that is really romantic at night as well as a number of unusual props that are so much fun… like the Oysters!  You can always count on Aphrodite Shop at Heart Homes to add a dash of fun in all their builds.

Now I wait for Mr. X – by the fire and thinking…I have come to decide that hugs have been invented to show people that you love them without having to say a word.

Skin:  Valentines - 7Deadly s{k}ins - NEW

 Dress: Zed Sensations – Valentines Princess Gown

Aphrodite at Heart Homes: "Valentines" Couple Rug Set  

House: Old World House- Satir DeCuir

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  1. That red dress is so romantic - Mr X is such a lucky man.