Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mr. X and Splendida.... New Fellini Couture -- Let it Rain

Oh... Mr. X this new gown by Fellini called Splendida is  a dream in blue... it is so romantic and elegant... so feminine and so seductive... Mr. X tells me I look gorgeous....He especially loves the blue bodice of this gown... the lace corset is spectacular... the sheer amount of detail is beautiful  Mr. X  is speechless... I really like that!!

The ballroom skirt is opulent  in shades of blue with a hint of pewter and silver...that add an element of intrigue and style... Mr. X loves the way it flairs -- in  such a way that can only compliment the slink sexy lace corset.  It also comes with an artful architectural hat... no real lady enjoys a formal ball without one... and this hat is so elegant --- wearing it --- you will  "blossom" !

It is all in the details and the of the bodice  with a gorgeous high ruffle neckline in the front and the lace up in the back cinches for a flattering silhouette. Exquisitely delicate and light as air, this heavenly lace and satin gown is the splendid choice for romantic interludes.

Gown - Fellini Couture - Splendida

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