Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mr. X and Orient .. Luxe Paris @ Swank and... Jumo Hair / Jewelry

The feeling of going home... led on by the amber light... Mr. X said follow your heart and never -- ever  deny it...  your heart  will lead you on... it is good and kind... and elegant  always in Luxe Paris.... and this is one of the three exclusives at  Swank...  it is Paris Orient Top and Palazzo Pants... it is  all  evocative.... 

 I always feel elegant wearing Luxe Paris... Look at this intricate top Orient top... it is  absolutely lovely --- the  heavy silk ripples and the flowers and  authentic chinese  fabric  texture... amazing.....Mr. X cannot keep his hands off me... but  really --- shhh I  never kiss and tell.... do you?

I love these light,  flowing, wide  somewhat  coolio retro palazzo pants also by Luxe Paris  and the short midriff shirt with ties at each side... it is  elegant... and makes me feel poetically beautiful... after all, it is Luxe Paris... and we all know how romantic  these designs are....   I feel like  a poem.... 

They slumbered --  in the light from heaven -- the full moon is drawn --- in amber light
the sea glittering silver
glittering today
and so lighted up
the sorrow brightened up the joy

 over waters blue

Swank Exclusive

Outfit - Luxe Paris   Orient  Top and Palazzo  Pants
Main Store

Hair - Jumo - Quinn - Blonde

Jewelry - Jumo -  Ruth Bangles

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