Monday, January 22, 2018

Mr. X and Eclissi -- *new* Fellini

Oh the power of an eclipse... a sacred time when the sun loves the moon... with a love so bright that it changes the color of the daytime sky... in those brief seconds the sun is conquered by the Queen of Night... just as Mr. X was conquered once again, when he saw me in this fabulous sensual outfit called Eclissi by Fellini

Mr. X's heart skipped a beat when he saw me wearing this leather and lace wonder that lit up his night time sky.  He loved all the exquisite details and so will the floating feather epaulets at the shoulders and the  deep lace V neck of the bodice that is lined with lace and embellished with a feather texture at the waist line.

And, then there are the legs... oh la la !  Mr. X tells me there is nothing sexier than the combination of leather and lace... and in this regard,  Eclissi is heavenly!  Just  check out the clever way the lace and leather texture accentuates your legs... so sexy...  

I adore outfits that are as sexy in the back as they are in the front... and again, Eclissi makes a statement.... I love the the way the jacket flairs out from my hips and the way the lace  leggings and leather frame my legs...not to mention the lace design on the back of the top that begs to be touched.

As for details, Eclissi even comes with a beautiful necklace that echos the pattern of the lace... it drapes down the V of the top adding the right amount of  understated glamor to this look.... wearing this I feel the ocean of his eyes... and I dream of the day when the sun wraps his arms around the moon turning day into a vast night of romance... and magic.

Wearing -  Fellini - Eclissi

Hair - Cheaux

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